HORROR HOST SIR ORMON GRIMSBY’s origins began in Detroit, Michigan, where he grew up watching the classic horror host SIR GRAVES GHASTLY. Since then, he has established himself and his own show MONSTER CREATURE FEATURE where he brings his own thrills to audiences.

This ghoulishly dapper and wildly demented undead undertaker serves up B-grade horror films and wonderfully strange short subjects tainted with comedy and musical set pieces on MONSTER CREATURE FEATURE. From a Crumbling Manor House in the swamps of North Carolina near and abandoned transmission tower, Ormon transmits a pirate broadcast covering underground regional events and showcasing creators of creepy culture. This hour version of his program, that echoes the heyday of safely goofy monster shows for the whole family, is slickly produced and isnt betrayed by its low budget due to the talented digital artists, musicians writers and filmmakers kept in a dark dank dungeon beneath his stately manor.