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underground tv

Ormon Grimsby can now be seen on the all new Underground tv web channel.
Every Sunday night you can tune in for classic episodes of Monster Creature Feature,
as well as catching some of your other favorite hosts like The Late Dr. Lady, Riggor Mortiss, and
Midnight Monster Hop.
Head over to for more information.

Its the return of The Mad Monster Party, er the Revenge of , er the Sequel.........Whatever.
I will be appearing at this years Mad Monster Party in Charlotte at the end of March.
Head over to their site for more information about pricing and directions and guests.
Once again I will be accompanied by my male companion writer Clay Griffith. NO not
that kind of companion, he's married and I don't care.

mad monster party


Well it certainly has been some time since there has been an update. Lots has happened
in the past year. Ormon attended Monster Bash in June, stay tuned for more on that,
and we had the biggest Halloween party yet with Southern Culture on the Skids.
We will try to provide video of these recent events soon.
Coming in March Ormon will be attending the first ever Charlotte held
Mad Monster Party!
Be sure to come out for all the fun.


Recently Ormon Grimsby teamed up with the super pop group Radio Cult!
In one of his wackiest walk on rolls we present
Radio Cult's Saturday Midnight Double Feature








Year 2010 in Review

Its the end of the old and on to the new. 2010 was an interesting year. Our
Halloween Hullabaloo was a big success thanks to the help of everyone involved.
You can watch footage on Youtube here.


The show was a real hoot and hopefully we can do it again next year.
Big thank you's to The Straight 8's, The Tremors, and The Atomic Mosquitos.
You can visit the official site to the show by clicking on the image below.
But beware, once you enter, there is no way out!!


That's right, its contest time again. This time we are giving away
copies of Bride of the Reaper by Charles Romalotti.
Bride of the Reaper is a modern horror novel with a love of the
classic influences such as the Hammer Films. We are lucky to be able to give out
4 copies this first month of the new year.
You can get more information about the Author HERE at Layman Books.

Download the Official Ormon Grimsby mask here, print it out, and take a picture of it
in an interesting setting in your area. Email the picture to to enter.
We will choose the winner at the end of January and post pictures.
So get your Ormon on!

Right click on me and save as.


And speaking of great Novels, we would like to also raise a glass to two of
our in house writers Clay and Susan Griffith on the success of their new book
The Greyfriar, Vampire Empire.
Definitely pick this one up during your after Christmas shopping sprees. It is listed on
many of the top 10 best releases of last year.
You can visit Clay and Susan Griffith's Blog HERE.

Ormon Teams up with Vincent Price

Blue Water Productions, Vincent Price Presents 25th Issue
will feature a very special walk on from Ormon Grimsby.
This very special story was penned by our own Clay and Susan Griffith, and features
the artwork of Patricio Carbajal.

The issue is due out this month. Make sure you hit up your local comicbook shop.

Pat Carbajal site
Home of BlueWater Comics

And you can check out a very cool making of
at this link HERE.


Ormon made a guest appearance in the new Psychocharger video
for Blood, Shock, Kill, Rock. You can check out the video here.
Many fine hosts jumped in on this one.
You can get more information about PsychoCharger HERE.


And if you missed it the first time, here is the promo for the Halloween Hullabaloo.

Ormon dropped on by the set of the Chiller Drive In in Detroit Michigan to visit with Wolfman Mac.

The episode where the two meet is for Atomic Age Vampire, Season 3 of Chiller Drive In.
Wolfman Mac's show airs through out the country on RTN. Check out the link below for more info.

Each year, Halloween gives us the perfect excuse to find delight in what frightens us and Hollywood eagerly jumps at the chance to make big office bucks off of scary cinematic projects. Host Frank Stasio will take a look at the wide range of films featuring elements of horror and the supernatural from the latest releases to throwback movies that still have viewers talking. Joining the program is Maria Pramaggiore, a professor of film studies at North Carolina State University; Kate Fowkes, a professor of communication at High Point University; and Craig Vance, creator and star of “Monster Creature Feature,” a cable access TV program in Raleigh.




Well its been quite a while since we had updates in the news section here
But that does not mean a lot of cool fun stuff has been going on.
First off, we wanna apologize for not being able to make it out to
MaskFest this year. Looks like it was a great time and we hope to be
there next year.

First up we wanna mention a brand new Mask company devoted to
creating masks like the ones you grew up with.
Trick or Treat Studios is the brain child of Chris Zephro and it is
poised to blast away the competition with their new line of masks
designed by some of the best in the business. Please vist their
site at Trick or Treat Studios, and check out the Blog Section for
all kinds of cool behind the scenes photos and upcoming events.
Ormon loves his quality masks!

Buy Scary Halloween Masks


THEEEE website devoted to the current wave of Horror Hosts, The Horror Host Graveyard
has just issued its second set of trading cards, and Ormon Grimsby is featured in this new set.
Get over to the official site by clicking the image below for tons of Horror Host fun.
Special thanks to Corpse Chris on this one, the curator of HHG.


horror host graveyard


And if that wasn't enough self promotion in a reach around kind of way,
Brain Maze has just issued a brand spanking new comic book all about Horror Hosts.
Put together with the help of Mr. Lobo and Dr. Sarcofiguy writing passages, this book is a fistfull of fun.
Follow Mr. Lobo on his adventure as he introduces some of todays horror hosts from around this nation
of ours and gets in to trouble along the way.

13 hosts


And finally we GOTTA mention the film by C.W. Pranther , Every Other Day is Halloween.
This is an amazing tribute to the much beloved Count Gore De Vol. The film features interviews with
the Count himself and others that have known him, which you would expect. But, what you might not
expect is all of the fantastic vintage footage from the 70's, 80's, and 90's. Even if you didn't grow up with
the Count, the film is a loving look at a time in history when most communities were connected by a
host of some sort. Its a fantastic trip down memory lane that will have you sniffing in to a tissue saying
"those were the days"

every other day is halloween






Well here we are again, in the midst of the Halloween season.
Some things going on this month involving Ormon or listed below.
If you have anything you would like posted,
please shoot us an email at

The weekend of the 10th, Ormon will be Appearing
at the Classic Movie Monster Convention in Tennesse.
Click on the image for more information on special
guests and how to get there.

monster con

Also on October 25th Zombie Con 2, the first time
it is being held in Chapel Hill. You can do the CON
and then head over to Raleigh to do the Walk.

October 25th Marks the 2nd Anniversary of
The Raleigh Zombie Walk in downtown Raleigh.
You can just show up in full zombie gear or check the
myspace page out for more information.

zombie walk
On Halloween night, Friday October 31st Monster Creature Feature
will be presenting our Halloween Hootenanny at Slim's in Downtown Raleigh.
The Tremors, Killer Filler, and the Straight 8's will all be playing a full on Rockabilly
assault to make your ears bleed. Come in costume and celebrate the greatest
holiday of the year with Ormon Grimsby. We will be giving out special treats
to the best costumes. Hope to see you there!



So you say to yourself, "you know I really like Ormon and all but where is the SCI FI". Well I got your cure for funny, right here. AMC has had a video blog show for the past year or so with their special host, Kevin Maher. And, if you have not checked it out, you don't know what your missing boy howdy!

Every week Kevin covers some aspect of Sci Fi movie-dom and pop culture in an incredibly humorous way. What AMC should do, is ditch what they got going on every Friday night and give Kevin his own show. I mean how many times can you watch Halloween 5 before you ask yourself, why do I punish myself. But, I digress.

Kevin's show on AMC's site is the funniest thing I have seen in a long long time, and besides, look at that face. How can you not fall in love with that?

amc sci fi
kevin maher
Mr. Maher has his own blogspot site at Mykevin where you can check out some of the work he has been involved in and see clips from his weekly show on AMC.

trailer park

Finally a horror movie for the season that delivers on all counts.
You will definitely want to check out
Trailer Park of Terror!


The Ghouligans are back at it with a brand new DVD
just in time for the holiday season. Check out the Slack Packs new production, in Color!
Its The Ghouligans SUPER SHOW.

the ghouligans

If your a fan of the Groovie Goolies, The Munsters, or Syd and Marty Kroft
then you need to check out the ghouligans and their wacky new monster fun adventures.

Also wanna tell you about a cool new online shop that has custom made iconic horror stuff. Ghoul Face is a very fun site for your Halloween inspirational needs this year. Check it out.
ghoul face





Check out the footage of the band Killer Filler performing Ormondium the new theme song of Monster Creature Feature. This footage was shot at The Cave last May at our Zombie Party get together. Be on the look out for more from Killer Filler.


October is right around the corner and that means HALLOWEEN!
Lots of things going on here so check often for updates on events and appearances. For those who want a taste of Halloween now children's book author Walter Wick has just released a great book this month titled, On A Scary Scary Night.

on a scary night

Get over to his site to check out more info on it.

A little late but, old Ormon was recently up in the Detroit area and was lucky enough to drop in on his pal Wolfman Mac and the crew of Nightmare Sinema. If you are in the area check out the show every Saturday night on the CW. Look for the episode of Robot Monster to see some antics with Ormon stopping by the haunted drive in!

nightmare sinema


Its HOT!!!
shallow graves

The very first issue of Shallow Graves is now out and available. We are very excited about this great new publication around the crypt. Get over to their homepage and check it out!!

Another very cool item that has just been released is a horror anthology called, READ YOUR FEARS. Not only is this a classic collecton of short horror tales from some of todays top writers, but all profits go to benefit Scares that Care, a charity for Johns Hopkins Children's Cancer Center.A great book for a great cause, please go over to Tricorner Publishing and pick this up.

killer filler

Killer Filler's new album is now available from their website. Get over there and pick it up now and help support the band responsible for some of the new music coming up on Monster Creature Feature.





You say you need a new fix for online horror, well check this out. Our friends over at Shallow Graves, a new publication both online and on your magazine stand, has just added a nifty little interview with Ol Ormon Grimsby. Be sure to pick up the first issue which will have a round table with a number of prominent horror hosts working today. We would like to thank the Caretaker, Sean for the fun interview over der.

shallow graves

So we gotta bring a new comicbook to your attention for two reasons. One its cool vintage horror being put out by Image but more importantly the guys putting it out, writer Ryan Rubio and artist/co-creator Thomas A. Boatwright are from right here in North Carolina. Its called Cemetery Blues and there is a whole new mini-series coming out this summer. Please support these guys, by heading down to your local comic book shop and place your pre-order today. For now you can follow this link to check it out online.

cemetery blues


I recently picked up this DVD Documentary on Disney's Haunted Mansion and if you are a fan of vinatage Disney like I am then this is something you need to check out. The site is called Extinct Attractions and they have all kinds of cool free stuff for you to check out and then they also have some great DVD's on most of the old ride attractions that used to be all the rage at Disney back in the day. You remember when it was about imagination and not rollercoasters, and you left falling asleep over your parents shoulder dreaming about all the characters you got to meet that day.

extinct attractions

Here is a little bit about The Haunted Mansion DVD, but you really need to get over to the homepage to read the full story.

haunted mansion

Did you know that Raleigh and the Triangle has its own Horror Meetup Group. Thats right if you wanna hang out with folks that are in to horror movies as much as you, go over and sign up. They hit at least one film every week, and even occasionally have parties and watch movies on the small screen.

triangle meetup

Check out this new poster for the Zombie Party event in Chapel Hill on May 18th. This was done by Jason of The Tremors who will be playing the event as well.

zombie party

Lots of new stuff happening around the crypt this go round. First and foremost we have updated our video section to make it more compatible with your browser, with even more clips for your viewing pleasure. Full episodes are still available to check out under the episodes tab.

the cave
Big news on our May 18th event The Zombie Hootenanny Party at the Cave. We now have a full line up locked in and boy oh boy is it a winner. I can't believe how cool the bands are that we have lined up to play.
The Tremors
Dexter Romweber
Killer Filler
You can come out for 5 bucks, or free if you dress up as a zombie, and listen to some great Rockabilly and be on TV as we will be shooting all night long for future episodes of Monster Creature Feature. A big thank you to THE CAVE for sponsoring this event.

Coming up this October is the all new Monster Con, a classic movie monster convention with Sara Karloff and Basil Gogos in attendance and yours truly.

monster con

Clear your calendars for this amazing event, more guests to be announced. This is gonna be coolest con thats so close to this area so GO!

That fun Kitchy store Southern Swank has moved in with Father and Son Antique in downtown Raleigh and is now carrying a bunch of MCF merchandise. The place is a ton of fun to walk through so pay em a visit.

Coming up in July is the Heavy Rebel Weekender in Winston-Salem. Its 3 Days of rockin madness, and you need to be there.

heavy rebel weekender

gila monster episode 



Welcome back friends and fiends, yes its been awhile. We want to thank everyone at the Nevermore Film Festival this year for putting together a terrific program and for allowing our ghoulish presence amongst the ranks of the living.
If you came by and said hello, thank you, it was great to meet face to face.
So whats the news you ask.....
This year Monster Creature Feature has been nominated for a Rondo Award, in category of Horror Host. Please get over to to cast your vote and show your support for our little show.
We have all sorts of changes for the show that are in the works, so stay tuned for that. You can still pick up our Bi-Weekly radio show at Cult Radio A Go-Go, every other Saturday at 1:00 in the afternoon.
A very cool site we would like to bring to your attention is Sideshow World. It has tons of cool information on the past and present, of the carnival sideshow. Great artwork, photos, and people involved in the scene today.


Also be sure to check out E-GORS CHAMBER OF HORROR HOSTS. It is thee most complete website devoted to horror hosts, past and present and they have a great bunch of information gathered together on Monster Creature Feature too!!!

E-gors chamber of horrors


Wow, its nearly the end of the year, already. Time for some updates on whats happening with the show and other cool monster happenings.

First off, Monster Creature Feature the radio show can now be heard Saturday afternoons, on Cult Radio A Go-Go. Tune in to hear our half our version of the popular tv show, as we spin great music, of all kinds.

Secondly, we will be doing a massive overhaul to the site early next year, so be on the look out for that. But, for now you can skip on over to the store and pick up allot of cool new merchandise that we have added, including DVD's of the show.

We also have just signed a deal with BitTorrent to make some of our episodes available on their website for download. Our goal this upcoming year is to make the show available to as many people as we can. You can check out whats available at the link below, and of course you can still watch episodes on our site, in the media section, as well.

BitTorrent Publisher

And as if that wasn't enough, The Horror Host Underground, has graciously stepped in to help the cause and they will be helping sponsor Monster Creature Feature in different citys across the country. So look out, we may be coming to a tv near you, soon.

We want to thank Zack Smith for the great write up he did last month in the Independent Weekly. You can check out the article here.

And we also would like to thank Stacy Peterson of NBC 17 for working with us through Halloween and his online coverage of our show which can be viewed here.

ghastly ones

What a year its been, and allot of cool stuff has hit the market since our last update.
The Ghastly Ones released a new album this past summer, and if you have not picked it up yet, you should.


Eric Pigors of ToxicToons has a whole bunch of new stuff to check out, including a custom Ouija Board. He was also in the Creature Features art show this year along with a who's who list of artists doing monster and halloween themed work.


The new Spectrum is now available,number 14, and another great piece by Tom Kuebler is featured in the sculpture section.


Gary Pullen of Rue Morgue magazine now has prints available on his website with certainly more to follow. You can check them out at and tell him Ormon sent you.

And speaking of Rue Morgue magazine, they have a really keen radio show that you can now download.

rue morgue

One of our all time favorite shows, period, Cinema Insomnia has just penned a deal with Bittorrent, where you can now find episodes for download. Get over and check out Mr. Lobo in all his glory, and did we mention it was FREE.
cinema insomnia


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